I know my noodles

It was my turn to cook tonight. I always have a slight trepidation about cooking for Christian because he really does have a thing about following recipes…to a T.
I, on the other hand, LOVE to read cookbooks and food magazines, but like porn. I am just in it for the pictures. I never stick to a recipe but rather think of one as the “skeleton” of what I will create. Christian follows to the ounce each and every ingredient…and NO substitutions, please! Not me…if it looks good, it’s going in!
We’d decided on pasta, and Christian said he wanted it “really garlicky.” Since we had an abundance of basil on our sweet basil plant we’d bought at Home Depot the week before, I decided to make a garlic/basil/tomato/mushroom/olive oil sauce, with PLENTY of hot, hot, hot chile powder tossed in. I heated up half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, and added 8 cloves of chopped garlic. That’s about one bulb and 1/2 of garlic. LOTS. I chopped two Roma tomatoes and added that, then half a can of mushrooms. To that, I added AT LEAST 5 tablespoons of hot chile powder, and let it simmer on the stove. I sliced up some fresh basil from our plant and served that separately in little ramekins on the table, along with some parmesan cheese.
Once the sauce was ready, I poured it on top of al dente linguini and mixed it up to coat the noodles.
And to this, I served a cabbage/mushroom/onion/green onion salad and for Christian… Texas toast garlic bread; and for me…artisan bread with garlic baked in (to me more healthy than the Texas toast!)
Christian LOVED it! Yeah! Another culinary coup! He had two plates full and I just one. Usually it’s the other way around, but I’d promised myself to be good and to pace myself. Besides, I had marble cake and cinnamon/milk coffee waiting for me for dessert.
Tonight? I think we’ll make it a light din-din. Still scampering for ideas, although chicken salad sandwiches and salad are sounding pretty good at the moment. OR… maybe I can talk Christian into taking us back to Sinbad’s for some gyros….
Food for thought.


2 responses to “I know my noodles

  1. Ha, ha, i collect cookbooks, but mostly i , too, am in for the pictures only. I used to follow recipes, too, but my husband taught me to let go and be creative. he’s a pretty good cook and he makes delicious stuff WITHOUT ever using such a thing as a cookbook or recipe. ever since i followed his advice my cooking got better and more eatable, lol, except from burning water once in a while.
    Your pasta looks GOOD! I bet it tasted good, too.

    • Caveat: It was GREAT… but my tummy is regretting it this morning, lol! I feel like I’m carrying triplets at the moment. I guess I got carried away with the spices AND the volume! Doesn’t help that I just ate a huge bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats!

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