Past “plump”

First off, no photos of last night’s dinner because frankly, it was identical to the night before! I had the exact same Banh Mi sandwich with the exact same salad sider! Lol. Didn’t want to bore you with repetition…
This morning, Christian and I went over to Jarrito’s for breakfast, where I smuggled in a Greek yogurt to go with the Marranito I ordered for breakfast. We like to go to this Mexican bakery about once a week for a change of pace. Their pastries aren’t always the freshest (and I even got a moldy empanada a few weeks ago…figured it out HALFWAY through eating it…but we like the place and the Marranitos are pretty safe, I like to think!
In case you don’t know, a Marranito is a gingerbread-like pastry shaped like a pig. And that is very appropriate, since I wanted to be a pig and order three. But I held back and was a good girl. Can’t say I’ll be one for the rest of the day, but so far so good!


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