The Tummy Times

Yesterday at work, I got up to assist a customer who’d come in to pay rent on a property our company manages, and as I walked up to her, I was struck (literally!) by a deep thud just to the right and underneath my belly button. I stopped cold in my tracks and my jaw dropped. The customer, who didn’t speak English, looked at me like I was having a heart attack, and became concerned. I, speaking very little Spanish, had to laugh, point at my tummy, and say, “baby.” Lol. She got it immediately and laughed too. Babies… the international language 🙂
Yes, yesterday was the first time I could DEFINITELY say “Now that was a kick,” and not, “Well, I felt SOMETHING. Not quite sure…,” or “I THINK that was the baby.” Nope, Hannah was either mad at me for getting her up from a nap, or she was doing a dance inside my tummy, rolling around and exploring her tiny domain. Let me say it was GREAT, if not a bit of a shocker.
I was officially and unofficially 20 weeks yesterday. 20 weeks if you go by my original due date, or 20 weeks and four days if you go by my latest ultrasound. I’ll take the latter. That means I’m halfway through my pregnancy, which astounds me to no end. I alternate between thinking it’s been forever since I first saw that double blue line on my Dollar Tree pregnancy test (the first of at least 20, yes, 20 tests I took)… and thinking it’s just going too fast!
I’m contemplating starting my maternity leave of absence on November 24th, which is one day before Thanksgiving, and one day before my husband leaves for Germany for about 11 days. I’m at risk for a preemie baby due to my age and my marginal placenta previa, and I don’t want to be stuck at work, hoping to get a ride to the hospital at the last second. Although I’m not due until Jan. 6, I just want to play it safe and rest the last few weeks. But I’m torn…I also need the money. Well, one day at a time. Maybe I’ll work part time if it’s allowed… Mammas out there…what did you do? Did you work until your due date, if you were working, or did you take it easy the last month?

Last night, I made another Banh Mi sandwich with the leftover pork from the Schweinebraten we’d had the night before and, I must say, it tasted ALMOST just as good as the one I’d had at Pho Tres Bien, a Vietnamese restaurant here in El Paso. I’m so addicted to these sandwiches, which are really healthy, spicy, filling and well, beautiful! I’m a big proponent of food looking good on the plate. I don’t succeed in that department so often, but I do strive to have a presentable platter. I think Banh Mi sandwiches are an ideal party food, too. So attractive with their vibrant colors and tastes, and party goers will have fun assembling their sandwiches to fit their tastes. In mine:
1. One 1/2-inch slice pork (beef or chicken are also suitable, as is tofu)
2. Toasted baguette, split down the middle
3. Cilantro
4. Sriracha sauce (in the Asian section of most large grocery stores)
5. Touch of mayo
6. Pickled carrots (you can marinate carrot slivers in dill and vinegar for a few hours before serving). And pickled daikon radish slivers (same method).
7. Sliced fresh jalapenos
8. Chiffonade of fresh basil
9. Slivers of green onion
10. AND, for me last night (an exception). Roasted Hatch chiles.
Throw it all together and take a bite of one of the most succulent sandwiches EVER.
Served with my husand’s tomato-onion salad, the meal was healthy, fresh, hearty yet not belly busting. (Except in MY case!)

We still have leftover pork and tonight I think I’ll go for a shredded pork tostada, with roasted chiles, melted cheese and slivered green onions. Any other unique pork recipes for leftovers?


2 responses to “The Tummy Times

  1. i agree you should take it easy the last weeks before the baby is due. unfortunately i know it is not easy here to do that if you need the money. my daughter was due in october and she quit working in august, doing some work at home. it is easier in germany, you get paid all the time, you stop working 6 weeks before your due date (PAID) and after the baby is born you stay home for 3 years (PAID)!!!!! them 3 years you can split with your husband or the babys grandparents, like, granny or daddy stays home the second year and she’s/he’s getting paid for that time. when i saw my daughter going back to work after 2 months only, it almost broke my heart. babies grow up so quick and there’s nothing like spending the first couple of years with them and enjoy every moment.

    • Jana: I forwarded this message to my dad (I work for him ;-)) He’s a bit of the old-school, hands-off father. He would SO not understand the concept of taking that time off before the birth! But I can try 😉 Yes, I wish, wish, wish so much I had been born/raised in Germany, where the family is of utmost importance! But our Hannah has a chance!

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