Sunday…must be Schweinebraten time!

Believe me, after last night I should have taken a second “baby-belly” photo because this one didn’t quite look the same after our dinner feast last night!
I am now officially 20 weeks into my pregnancy and in just a few days, I’ll have completed 5 months. I don’t know where the time flew, but this is amazing to me how quickly it is progressing. It’s definitely “real” now, not only to me, but to others who inevitably come up to me at the grocery store to rub and pat my tummy as I’m rubbing and patting watermelons to check their ripeness.
After an early morning power walk and a healthy (i.e. hearty) breakfast, Christian and I chatted with his brother and sister and law and their kids back home in Rohr, Bavaria, Germany. We do that every weekend and, with Skype (God, I love Skype!), it really does feel like we’re all just sitting there in Frank’s living room, having coffee together, and looking out the window onto the hauptstrasse. That’s Frank and Kathrin on the screen of my laptop.

Since Christian had promised to make his beloved (to him and to me!) Schweinebraten for us last night, I prepared myself by eating a very light lunch, by my standards, anyway. A simple salad with anything I could find and no oil, as well as a toasted baguette, no butter. A very simple but satisfying lunch, which made me feel a little less indulgent and a little more allowed to stuff myself silly at dinner!
And then, after an evening of sporadic housecleaning, movie-watching, book-reading, self-spa-day-ing, gardening and napping, it was time…

Christian labored almost three hours to make what I AND he consider to be his best go at Schweinebraten EVER…and he’s made quite a few! His Semmelknodeln were perfect, compact and not gummy. His pork had a very crisp skin with a gorgeous smoky flavor. The interior of the meat was a perfect pale pink and full of juice. The gravy he made from a Maggi mix tasted JUST like his step-dad Uli’s gravy. And his Sauerkraut just ROCKED MY WORLD. Many pregnant women can’t live without pickles. I can’t do without a dose of Sauerkraut at least twice a week.

It’s Monday. Time for a new work week, new promises to eat moderately and healthily and to exercise more. But then again, we still have lots of leftovers…


3 responses to “Sunday…must be Schweinebraten time!

  1. Schweinebraten with Semmelknödel makes us happy!!!
    Absolutely yummy.
    The kraut is made with caraway, isn’t it?
    Greetings from Bonn, Germany.

    • Greetings to you too! Yes, my husband made the kraut with caraway, but that was unusual, actually. Usually he does not use caraway. I love it with caraway but I hate trying to extract all those seeds from between my teeth!

  2. I am going to make today Rotkohl and Kartoffelsuppe (no, not to eat it TOGETHER), just pre-cook it, cause it’ll taste better the day after, so tomorrow we’ll having Rotkohl, Knodel and Huhnchengulasch, and wednesday Kartoffelsuppe, red cabbage-salat with pine nuts and some chocolate cake, I’ve been thinking for a while to drop some weight, too, well, maybe i’ll start next week . . . lol

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