On leftovers and lunch in the park

Normally at this time each Saturday, I would be up in Cloudcroft, N.M., at our cabin, just getting up to go for my morning walk in the woods or on the cart path at the Lodge at Cloudcroft’s famous Scottish golf course.
But not this weekend, since we have an event we must attend tonight AND my sister and brother in law have staked claim to the cabin for the next two weeks. I seriously go through withdrawals when I can’t spend a weekend in the cool pines of Cloudcroft. I get depressed, tired and complain about the incessant El Paso heat. I fight the traffic on the crowded streets, even on my 4 a.m. walks in the neighborhood (seems a lot of bars allow their customers to stay until right about that time!), I look longingly toward the Northeast sky, toward Cloudcroft, and see that clouds are headed that way. In other words, I sulk, sulk sulk until I can get my next Cloudcroft “fix.”
But at least I TRY to make the most of the “Cloudcroft-less” weekends! For instance, this weekend has started off to a great start with getting our pantry all filled up again with a trip to the grocery store yesterday. I’d been living on old frozen ranch beans and spinach for a few days, and was losing my motivation for leftovers, big time. We STILL have some liver, pasta, corn tortillas and frozen pasta sauce in the freezer and I just for the life of me can’t figure out a way to reincarnate those puppies.
But for dinner last night, Christian prepared his famous kartoffelsalat, or German Potato Salad, which I must say is manna from the gods. Pure, light and simple, it is the ultimate accompaniment to any summer supper, as it was with our rotisserie chicken and baguette we had to eat last night. He was sure to make plenty, because this afternoon, we’re going to our first official family picnic at a local park. It’s actually a neighborhood association “Summer Olympics” game day and potluck meant for adults and their children, and although Hannah’s not even born yet, I thought it would be so nice to hang out with other families and get to watch the games, children and to get out and meet other people, finally (Christian and I are sort of the same…hermits, lol).
So Christian’s bringing the potato salad which, in this case, is a GOOD thing to bring to an outdoor El Paso picnic (forget any mayo based potato salads, ever, outdoors in El Paso). His is made only with peeled, chunky potatoes, peeled and sliced cucumbers, oil/vinegar, salt/pepper. That’s all. Nothing fancy-schmanzy or “nouveau” about his salad. And it is the BEST!
We’re hoping to hide his salad well among the hundreds of other salads that will inevitably be brought to the potluck, so we may again take it home and enjoy it tonight (wink wink), and now all I have to do is figure out what exactly to do with the half of a rotisserie chicken we just couldn’t finish last night.

Any suggestions for roast chicken leftovers? I’m looking for the not-so-obvious and the most unique. I’d love to publish your recipe here on Krautundcracker, with a short bio on you, if you are interested!


One response to “On leftovers and lunch in the park

  1. Hello
    since you don’t want to waste the carcass, boil it to make soup! Use Suppengruen (Parsley Root, carrots, onions, Parsley stalks). Take off the meat first, you do not want to boil that to death; it’ll loose all it’s flavor. Throw the skin in the simmering soup, too, for some extra flavor, but you may want to take it out before serving. Use lots of seasonings (maybe even give it an exotic touch like Asian?) to give the broth more flavor. If I need to make a big pot of soup I actually also add one or two boxes of store bought broth. Towards the end you take out the parsley stalks, the carcass and the skin, add the chicken pieces and Eier- / Suppennudeln (the skinny kind). Lecker! Maggi nicht vergessen…

    And then of course there is the obvious casserole dish, chicken pot pie, oriental chicken salad (with curry, very yummy).

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