Breakfast of champions…or pregnant women

I had forgotten to add a photo of my typical breakfast to this morning’s blog, and thought I’d go ahead and post it as a new blog, altogether.
This is what I typically have for breakfast. It’s not a raw egg swimming in orange juice a la Rocky Balboa, but it’s definitely got some heft in the nutrition department. And I wish I could place it next to what my 180-pound husband has for breakfast so you could see JUST how well I’m eating, lol.
Christian, who is about 5 pounds away from a tremendous weight loss regime he started last November (steady loss, never a gain and rare plateaus), eats only fruit for breakfast, such as one sliced banana with one diced pluot. I, on the other hand, START with those ingredients and add: One slice of my homemade toasted rye bread, placed in a bowl with the aforementioned fruit on top; a cup of Cheerios on top of THAT, some more fruit on top of that; one cup of non-fat flavored yogurt such as peach or blueberry; and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. Yep, oh, and a splash of milk on top of THAT to make sure the toast underneath it all is nice and soggy.
Hey, I AM pregnant….


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