The angel and the devil

Yesterday I made it until about 2:15 p.m. until my hormones inevitably kicked in and made me cry. I had nothing to cry about unless you too would cry if, on your way to go see “Inception,” a car cut your husband off and you told him to honk at the car, and he said,”Well, do YOU want to drive, then?” Yep, that made me cry, lol. Oh, and the movie made me cry. “Inception” is NOT a chick flick, by the way.
But before that, at least it was the ideal Saturday. Christian and I went for a very nice bike ride through the neighborhood,then stopped by Starbucks, sat outside, read the paper and surfed (well, Christian did. I read). Then we came home and had our leftover goulash from the night before, and I swear it gets better with age. The sweltering 101-degree El Paso weather knocked me out and put me into a deep sleep for over an hour.
When I woke, it was time to go see the movie which I honestly didn’t really get into (don’t tell Christian). May have been the hormones, may have been the fact it was like “Vanilla Sky” with the ending being completely a mystery. Or maybe it was more than two hours long, and I couldn’t go pee as often as I’d like (I have horrible vision in the dark and didn’t want to step on everyone’s feet.
After the movie, we did our usual run to Barnes and Noble to sit in the cafe and flip through magazines we can’t afford, have great coffee we shouldn’t be drinking, and to people watch.
Came home to catch up on e-mails, news and to clean up the apartment (and took some random photos of my desk for your amusement, lol)
and then tried to decide on what to make for dinner.
Since we had some leftover ranch beans from almost a week ago (they’d been frozen), LOTS of ground beef that couldn’t be refrozen, Swiss cheese, cilantro, tostada shells and jalapenos that needed our immediate attention, I decided to make “Angel and Devil Tostadas.” Two tostadas for each of us: one vegetarian and one a meat monster.
I browned some ground beef with sliced jalapenos, cumin and tomato paste and slathered the mixture on two tostadas. Then I reheated the ranch beans and did the same to the other two tostadas. Chopped up some Swiss cheese and sprinkled it on all the tostadas, and made a side salad with lots of tomatoes and cilantro to put on top of the tostadas.
DELICIOUS! While both were great, I think I am a meat monster fan, or my iron levels are dropping. I scarfed the meat version down like there’s no tomorrow, and took a little longer with the bean version. But I definitely cleaned my plate.
I love tortillas and tostadas for their versatility, and hope to make a fish version soon, like the Baja or Southern California fish tacos served with cabbage, mayo and lots of lime.
Do you have a favorite tostada recipe you want to share?
Tonight we’re going to an El Paso Diablos baseball game over on the other side of town. I haven’t been to one since my dad took me and my brother as small children. The Diablos, for those of you who don’t know, well, sort of don’t play well. They JUST broke a 13-game losing streak. They’re playing the Pensacola Pelicans, and I’m honestly not going for the sport of it, but for the people watching sport. We wanted to pack a dinner to take with us, but the website says “No Outside Food or Drink.” Oh yay. We get to be held captive by an overpriced concession that will sell $5 small, under-iced cokes, horrible hot dogs, greasy popcorn and MAYBE nachos if they don’t run out of cheese. Any Cohen Stadium veterans know of a nice park to picnic at that is very near the stadium?


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