Make it a light night…

Today’s lunch of hamburgers and salad was great at the time…swiss cheese oozing out of a fresh, toasted baguette. Seasoned hamburger with roasted jalapenos, mustard, ketchup, lettuce and onion. And a side salad with plenty of mushrooms. That was the problem. The mushrooms weren’t quite at their prime, which made me not quite at my prime all afternoon. Suffice it to say I actually LOST weight after our massive hamburgers.
Needless to say, tonight I knew I needed something light, something that would replenish my fluids, and something cold, since we’re dealing with 100 degrees outside and a tiny apartment with a 20-year old swamp cooler.
Christian had bought a big watermelon yesterday, and I suddenly remembered a recipe I’d read online recently that included watermelon, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, olive oil, lemon juice and fresh mint. So dear Christian, after spending the afternoon rubbing my tummy and back, made what what I must say is my new MUST recipe for the rest of the summer. Served with toasted baguette, it’s a light, crisp, refreshing and FILLING meal that won’t, I hope, have you running for the loo! Lol.
I’ll stay away from meat and mushrooms for the time being, and gorge on this fantastic mint-watermelon-feta salad. Try it!


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