Good karma, please

Alright, so I mentioned earlier that I received an amniocentesis about 3 weeks ago, and that the preliminary results came back good…and we’re having a little baby girl! They said they were still awaiting the final results.
Wellllll, today I got a phone call from my perinatologist….I missed the call on my cell phone and just saw the number of who had called. No voicemail left on my phone. I have an appointment with them tomorrow morning. BUT NO MESSAGE!
So of course I’m a nervous wreck, wondering why they called, and WHY NO MESSAGE! Ugh! Were they confirming the appointment? Canceling the appointment? Bad news with the final results? Insurance problems? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?????
I will have very fitful sleep tonight, if at all.
Any good karma vibes sent my way would be greatly appreciated! And I hope at this time tomorrow, I’ll be sitting here, blogging away about a great meal my husband prepared. Tonight was packages of Buddigs lunch meat, string cheese and the heels of old bread. I just couldn’t find the energy or the motivation tonight!

I’ll go read the rest of “Julie and Julia” and try to count some sheep… and I’ll be pounding at the door of the doctor’s office at 8 a.m. sharp!


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