Dampfnudeln din-din

Yesterday evening, Christian went back to his childhood to make us some fabulous Dampfnudeln, steamed pillows of dough steamed in milk, and served with vanilla sauce (powdered sugar and poppy seeds are also popular toppings). With that we had a fruit salad made with banana, golden delicious apple, pluots and blueberries.
In Germany, sweet dishes like this are very typical for dinner. Be it Dampfknudeln, Milkreis or Pfannkuchen. When I first was served Dampfknudeln for dinner when visiting Christian and his family in Bavaria, I was very surprised (and kinda wished I’d been served a small salad or something “healthy” because I tend to eat a LOT more and more often in Germany…or so I thought). But I lost weight or maintained my weight every single time I went to Bavaria. Not once did I gain an ounce. Why? Because one is SATISFIED after a meal in Bavaria.
I find here in the states, we snack all the time or fill up at all-you-can-eat cattle farm restaurants (I think y’all know the ones I am talking about) because we’re simply not satisfied. It’s more bang for your buck here, but the quality is dismal.
I love how just about EVERYTHING is made from scratch in most German households. Sure they’ve got the Maggi or Knorr instant meals and seasonings, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a German hausfrau who doesn’t take her time to pick each veggie by hand, find the best butcher, the best baker, the best cheesemonger…and to grow many of her own spices and herbs at home. And tradition is king. German recipes go back centuries and never grow old.
And this is how it goes with the Dampfnudeln. I can’t believe how satisfying these pillows of dough are! Two (at most!) are more than enough, and served with fruit make for a nutritious and economical meal that is WAY more satisfying than a take-away taco meal, any day. And don’t get me started on your sleep after you eat Dampfnudeln! They don’t resemble pillows for nothing.
By the way, I had two Dampfnudeln last night. Stepped on the scale this morning and I lost two ounces 😉 Can’t do that with enchiladas.
With the leftover dough, Christian also baked some, to store in a Ziplock bag for later eating. They go great with jam, like biscuits. Haven’t had one yet, but the day is very, very young…


One response to “Dampfnudeln din-din

  1. I’m so glad plouts are back! I love them almost as much as white flesh necterines! I was picking out some plouts at Albertson’s today and the girl next to me was buying plums and I recommended she try the plouts and she said she would. Hope she likes them!

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