The chicken came first

We were debating what to have for dinner tonight, egg salad or fried chicken, and decided because it was raining and pretty cool (and the chicken was closer to its expiration date) to have the fried chicken. Either way, Christian would have cooked, so either way I knew it would be fantastic.
While Christian toiled away at the stove, amid popping balls of grease and potato shavings, I took the opportunity to “rest my eyes,” which always means a nap somewhere in the vicinity of an hour and a half.
The second trimester, from what I’ve read, is supposed to be the “honeymoon” period of pregnancy. Well, I haven’t boarded the plane on THAT adventure yet! I’m still zonked out in the afternoons and, since I don’t want this to be a T.M.I. blog, I am experiencing pains and aches in places I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. At the very least, I never did have any real case of morning sickness, but now I get to stay on “pelvic rest” (which entails more time in the bedroom but NOT more fun in the bedroom 😦
Next week, I have been invited to a baby shower, sponsored by our local Medicaid branch. Now, I know, it’s not really a baby shower. It’ probably a class on prenatal care, but at least there’ll be games, food, prizes and a chance to compare bellies and stories with other moms to be. My only fear (well-founded, if you go by my visits to Health and Human Services and my perinatologist) is that I’ll be the oldest woman in the room. By decades, folks.
But really, I’m proud, amazed and ecstatic that I am having a baby, naturally, at the ripe old age of 39, and I am thoroughly convinced it happened for a reason.
Christian’s nuggets of fried chicken battered in habanero powder and flour were just fantastic, since he used the thighs, which made the chicken moist and flavorful. He added baked fries with the skins left on and his Bavarian cucumber salad. He stopped after a reasonable and moderate portion, as did I, but HE didn’t have the slice of cherry strudel I just “had” to have because it was nearing ITS expiration date.
At least something or someone out there has made it very clear to me that I’m not quite nearing my expiration date. I’m certainly no spring chicken, but I’ve got some good eggs! 😉


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