Giddy on Gulasch

For a day of bed rest, this one sure went quickly and so nicely! I took two naps today, for a grand total of four hours, watched “Julie and Julia,” had some great quality time with Christian, and enjoyed his AMAZING Szegediner Gulasch tonight. I insist you go out and get the ingredients and make this! Insist! It was way better than any restaurant dish I’ve had in a long time, a very long time.
What made it even more special was the fact that Christian brought me a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers, which was so sweet I cried 😉 and they made a gorgeous centerpiece for our dinner. He didn’t let me move a muscle, practically, even when I begged to at least take the trash out. Nope. I was good and didn’t sneak in any activity, even when Christian left me to go get groceries.
I felt no aftereffects from the amnio, although at the moment I do feel a little “pressure” in the area. It was so much easier than I thought. In fact, the hard part is now, wondering when we’ll get the call with results. This week will be LONG, no doubt. But after today, I’m on cloud 9.


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