Huh? Is that it?

This morning I got up at 4:15, thinking I’d go for my usual 30 minute walk around the neighborhood, but nerves got the better of me and I just wanted to sit and surf and gather even MORE information about amniocenteses (is that right for plural amniocentesis? Lol).
We had breakfast at home and then went over to Jarronitos bakery for coffee and to read the paper and decompress before heading on over to the doctor’s office. We amused (distracted?) ourselves by buying “Homies” and “SpongeBobs” from the vending machines, and then took a collective deep breath and headed on to the doc.
We got there at 8, even though the appointment was for 8:30, and we were ushered in immediately. I got my vitals done (yep, I’m definitely gaining a bit fast, but at least I’m enjoying the process, lol), and then the doc came in. Well, this is anticlimactic, because basically all he did was lift up my shirt, rub some iodine on my tummy, positioned the needle with guidance from ultrasound, and….
Huh? Is that it? The needle went in, I have proof. I saw it on the ultrasound. But I never felt it. Christian told me to think of the time last fall when I went to a shady alley tattoo artist in a small town in Bavaria to get my nose pierced. That helped, because THAT, folks, was the most intense pain I’ve yet to experience (the MOST intense pain comes for me in about 5 months, lol). Yep, I felt nothing at all, and it literally took one minute. So much for all those blogs I obsessively scoured online. It was really a cakewalk.
Baby AGAIN played it coy and hid his/her weewee/peepee from us, so we’re still at a loss for the gender. That is, until next week, since the amnio will definitively tell us! So for now, it’s still green onesies and booties.
Having seen the baby, getting chubby and animated, I really have no real fear about the results of the amnio. I’m in a good place now, and Christian’s support and encouragement has made me feel so comforted.
It’s hitting home. We’re PARENTS! My god! I can’t believe I can say I am a parent!
I’m kicking it on the black leather (well, pleather) sofa now, feet propped up, getting ready to watch (again) “Julie and Julia,” and Christian will soon go get the groceries. My control issues must be checked, because I really like to be there for the grocery shopping, lol. But I trust he’ll get the right things. Then he’ll make us some lunch, and I’ll just stay on bed rest, which already is difficult. It’s those times I’m ordered to stay put that make me fixate on the desire to clean the house, run 4 miles, do all the errands I’ve neglected to do. No dice. Not today…


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