Brotzeit with my baby(ies)

Last night, with me on edge in anticipation of my scheduled amniocentesis today (god, in less than 4 hours!), and in great need of something simple, comforting and easy, Christian and I had Brotzeit.
Brotzeit is the customary “dinner” for Germans, who tend to eat their largest meal of the day around 11:30 a.m. or noon, their “hot” meal. So basically what I’ve been showing you for our dinners on this blog is what Germans would have for lunch. But in the evenings? It’s for the most part Brotzeit, which usually consists of some rye or wholemeal bread (we used Marina’s Bakery’s Schwartzbrot, but Bauernbrot is ideal); hot or sweet mustard (Händelmaier’s is da bomb, but we haven’t had a chance to order from lately); gherkins or cucumber slices; a small serving of a composed salad (we had a fantastic tomato-onion salad in oil and vinegar); slices of cheese (Love Emmentaler, but here in El Paso, a chunk the size of a deck of cards is $9, so we stuck with Munster); Liverwurst or any other spreadable sausage; ham slices or pancetta or salami; hard boiled eggs; and fresh fruit (we had Washington State cherries).
Basically Brotzeit is a build-your-own-open-face-sandwich meal, much smaller and simpler than the mid-day meal, and I find it much easier to sleep after Brotzeit than I do after eating Schweinebraten, Semmelknodeln und Sauerkraut!
Unfortunately we don’t have the special round wooden plates that Brotzeit is traditionally served on here at our apartment, but if you know of anyone who carries them or makes them, do let me know!
We’ll continue our Brotzeit-eating evenings. We’re sorry we had blown them off for so long!
It’s nice to continue the Bavarian traditions with Christian, and especially nice to see how grateful he is and how much he gets a twinkle in his eye when he sees something, eats something or hears something that brings him, in a way, closer to home!

And so I’ll come back and check up after today’s perinatologist appointment with any new news to report. It will be a day of rest for me, hookie from work (hey, it IS doc’s orders!), and maybe, just maybe, knowing this afternoon if we need to be on the lookout for mini-dirndles or mini-lederhosen in the near future 😉


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