Sold on the simple soup

After a particularly stressful day at the office for me, Christian really took care of me, picking me up from work and giving me the “pep talk” to calm down, chill out and not let petty problems stress me out.
Then we came home, where I plopped my feet up, lay down on the sofa, and read while he made some of his scrumptious semolina/sausage soup, a recipe I’d first tried at the home of his mom in Rohr, Bavaria. It’s such a soothing and simple soup, made only with butter, semolina, some sliced leek, water, salt/pepper and sliced sausage. If it’s not made for those who are infirm, it should be. It’s fortifying, calming and very nutritious, and it hit the spot for me last night.
We served the soup with a green salad made with cucumber, Napa cabbage, jalapenos, tomatoes, salt/pepper and oil/vinegar, and that was our dinner. Oh, and I added dessert, eating a pretzel shaped Mexican pastry and a cup of instant coffee afterward. I slept like a baby last night and still feel not full, but not famished, either. Just perfect.

Today we try again to go back up to Cloudcroft after work. Didn’t make it last week because of my last-second run to the emergency room, but I am feeling good, no substantial bleeding at all, and I think…no, I KNOW…the fresh mountain air, long naps, little walks (no more hikes, alas) and great food will keep me grounded and healthy. Plus it’s the weekend before my very scary amniocentesis, which is on Tuesday. We’re both not 100 percent sure about it. Curious but scared, of course. And I’ve got to stop reading EVERY possible blog/website about amnios, placenta previa and pregnancy risks! Wayyyyy too much conflicting stuff out there, and anyway, the doctor says I’m progressing just fine. Time to pick up the books on art, food and culture and put down the WTEWYE (“What to Expect…”) books and Mayo Clinic. Just for this weekend!


One response to “Sold on the simple soup

  1. For healthy reading may I suggest p. 60-63 ….

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