Stretch, stretch, groan, groan

There’s absolutely no hiding it now. It’s official, and it seems to have happened overnight. The growing pains in my belly, and the fact that nope, I just haven’t been overindulgent recently. I am in fact pregnant, people! The slight stares from others at my tummy, indicating their bemusement that I’d put on some weight have been replaced by the knowing look and smiles from others that there’s something other than food in there, lol.
Well, that’s not FULLY the truth. I HAVE been having way too much fun eating for two, and I need to start taking more measures to eat healthily and not reach for a honey bun at 2 p.m. like I did yesterday. 600 calories in that little thing, the same amount of calories as in my lunch and way less nutrition.
Last night we ate very healthfully, really enjoying my lemon/butter/dill tilapia, baked not fried; smashed potatoes, skin on, with buttermilk, a little parmesan and chile flakes; a green salad; and toasted baguette. And I managed to avoid dessert.
Indulgence is fun, and many times deserved, but in my case I had to hold the reins at least for a day or two, lol.

My next appointment with the perinatologist is Tuesday, and I’m still petrified to get the amniocentesis. Veryyyyyyy curious, of course, to get the gender ID, but scared there will be a problem, or something worrisome. I’ll definitely take the day off after that, because I don’t care what anyone says. Poking a mama in the tummy with a horse needle and puncturing the amniotic sac isn’t to be taken lightly.
But before I worry about that, I can look forward to another weekend in the cool mountains with Christian, small and easy hikes, watching old horror movies like “Friday the Thirteenth” or “Blair Witch Project” (always even more scary when one is staying at a little old cabin in the woods!) and finishing my Anthony Bourdain book, “Medium Raw.” I am on sabbatical from reading baby books for a week or two, just to give myself a little time to digest everything else going on. I think I’ve hit on every pregnant woman’s blog there is online, and now I need a distraction!


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