We’re doing well!!!!!

Christian and I headed on over to our perinatologist’s at 7:30 this morning, even though his office doesn’t open until 8 a.m. Just in case there was a long wait. There wasn’t. Today was the day my doctor worked at his OTHER office on the OTHER side of town. We booked it over there and didn’t have to wait at all. Long story short? My baby is looking GOOD!!!!!! We even got a 3-D scan this time, and got to see the entire body in a 360 degree view, which was really just amazing. I had a feeling about the sex of the baby, and my hunch is even stronger after viewing today’s scan, although baby was coy today and crossed its legs.
My next appointment is a week from tomorrow, the 27th, and that is the day I’m scheduled for an amniocentesis, although we don’t quite know if the doc will want to perform it after this episode. We’ll see. Anyway, it is formed quite nicely…amazingly long fingers and limbs!
These photos are the best I could do since I don’t own a scanner and I’m taking the day off so I can’t use the office one, but I HAD to get this online ASAP.
The doctor basically said I have a mild case of placenta previa, where the placenta covers the cervix, explaining the bleeding. He said there was most likely some implantation bleeding, which I thought was late in the game, but he said was very possible.
So, long story short, he’s not worried and we’re a LOT LESS worried! I exhaled and it felt like a year’s worth of tension just blew right out of me!


3 responses to “We’re doing well!!!!!

  1. thats good news!

  2. I do not even know you but I found your blog and am german like your hubby. So I have been praying for you! So glad this episode is over for you and all it well. 🙂

    • Dagmar und Jana: Viel Danke and I must say encouraging words are such wonderful medicine! Yesterday and today have gone by uneventful with nooooo symptoms. I have another appointment next Tuesday, but all is fine and we’re over the moon!

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