A change in al-titude

We’re headed up to Cloudcroft again tomorrow afternoon. I thought I could stay away a few weeks, but when I heard no other family members had plans for it for a while, I jumped at the chance. It’s been so humid and hot in El Paso, and my attitude and sanity has been tested. It’s definitely time for an alt/attitude change, fast.
For some reason, I’ve been nibbling away stress and tension by just having wayyyyyyy too much food, even for a pregnant girl, and my workouts have been uninspired. I’m not one to blow off a walk, but I’ve done so twice this week, basically unheard of for me. I never have a problem with motivation in Cloudcroft, walking on the trails, on quiet paths through town, early in the morning. On my morning walks here in El Paso, I have to watch out for late-night partiers who tear down my street at 4:30 a.m. like it’s the autobahn. In Cloudcroft, I only have to watch for skunks, or the occasional bear. I’d rather be watching out for those, lol. And I don’t stress-eat up there. Cloudcroft is like the poor-man’s Miraval spa. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is motivated to take a hike, enjoy nature, rest, think happy thoughts and re-assess what is important, what needs to be prioritized.
I can’t afford Miraval or even a day spa, but I can have all of that for free, in a little green wooden cabin high in the New Mexico mountains. I really feel so lucky!

Last night, Christian was a dear and cooked, since I just was sooooo exhausted. While I dozed, he made a fabulous rigatoni dish and a confetti salad, and said he wanted to create a serene atmosphere for me. I’d had a bad day, felt obese and run down, and he managed to make me feel like a million bucks. That’s not easy to do, so kudos, honey! This weekend in Cloudcroft he’s going to dig into his stash of goodies from Germandeli.com (pre-mixed entree spices and powders) and will make Seelachs. That’s salmon. With spinach. I haven’t had that since his mom made that for us in Rohr, Germany, and I’m dying to have that again. We’ll splurge on a great cut of salmon and that will be our weekend treat dinner. Most likely PB&J’s the rest of the time, and there isn’t anything wrong with that!


2 responses to “A change in al-titude

  1. The sauce for the rigatoni looks great–what is it?

  2. The sauce is really actually just CANNED (yep, we admit it) Ragu Cheese and Garlic sauce, with added chopped fresh garlic, red chile flakes and sliced black olives. It’s all about the garlic for me. Christian loves the olives and I only can handle a few at a time. So he gets my leftover olives 🙂

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