Bun in the oven and pie in my belly

Sunday was the perfect Sunday. We’ve been having a lot of those recently. A brisk 30 minute walk followed by breakfast and then back to bed for an hour; then a nice bubble bath and moseying around the house; baking an outrageously good lemon/cherry pie; then watching the finals of the World Cup while eating grilled chicken and cheese paninis, penne pasta salad, green salad and lemon pie; an afternoon nap; a huge rain pour in the late afternoon; a small walk in the Upper Valley; and then more laziness at home. Yep, just perfect! I can actually say I’m ready for work this week.
So, we started taking our “baby bump/diet” photos. Let me elaborate. We’re beginning to chronicle my growing baby bump as well as Christian’s amazing weight loss. Christian has lost half of my body weight in just about 6 months. We’re not talking his numbers or mine, but suffice it to say he’s really the poster child for sensible dieting. As if those two words belong in the same sentence, at least for me. I, on the other hand, seem to be finding his lost weight and putting it right on my belly and thighs. From someone who used to be obsessed with being fit and, frankly, underweight, I’m LOVING my growing body and the new strength, glow, energy and happiness with being comfortable in my skin!
I am officially 14 weeks tomorrow (Monday). I can’t quite decide if I’m big for this portion of my pregnancy or right on target. Not QUITE at maternity clothes level yet, but that’s a definite thing I must think about very soon!!


One response to “Bun in the oven and pie in my belly

  1. How blessed that you are happy with the skin you are sharing with your new little one!

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