Some like it hot…not

Lately, my diet has consisted of the following staples: cabbage, jalapenos, bread in every way, shape or form; apples, coffee (or chai), oatmeal and pasta. I just can’t seem to stray too far away from these items lately, for some reason. I don’t know if it’s pregnancy cravings or just plain laziness in coming up with something new or different, but my comfort zone has been limited.
Now that I’m out of the first trimester of my pregnancy, I’m not too afraid of morning sickness anymore, and I think it’s time to expand my repertoire, as well as get some fresh and new ingredients into my system! I am really missing Christian’s Bavarian food, and I’m starting to tire of Mexican or Southwest-influenced dishes. I think my hankering for HEAT (as in habaneros and jalapenos) is finally waning. Give me a good reismilch, or some pfannkuchen, pflaumenkuchen, kartoffelsalat, spatzle, dampfnudeln or all of the above!
Last night was a last hurrah for the spicy, at least for a while. I cooked a brisket, soaking the meat in a mixture of: two cups orange juice, two tablespoons salt, two tablespoons jarred minced garlic, pepper and one cup local bbq sauce. After I’d cooked it medium rare, I sliced the brisket into fajita-sized pieces, and along with that made guacamole with two avocados mixed with the juice of one lemon and a few tablespoons of pico de gallo; refried beans with melted cheese; and warmed corn tortillas. So it was “make your own soft taco” night, and while it was good, I really just wanted to cozy up to a big bowl of grits or cream of wheat.
I never, ever thought I’d start shying away from my sacred spices, but for me right now, it’s all about bland.
Oh, and it’s Christian’s turn to cook tonight. Request? Plain old pfannkuchen, smeared with cherry jam. And a nice tall glass of ice cold milk.


2 responses to “Some like it hot…not

  1. Your dinner sounds like ours. We had green chili and corn tamales with refried beans and apple slices for dessert.

  2. That sounds good, dkzody. Christian had his first tamale last week, and really enjoyed it, although it wasn’t really an authentic one (more of a Tex-Mex version). Reminds me of the time Gerald Ford was visiting El Paso and was offered a tamale. He didn’t realize you couldn’t eat the corn husk, lol. Made for a great photo opp. Christian DID know to remove it. I’m looking forward to having him try the real deal, with pork and green chile, and the sweet ones with anise and raisins.

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