Rockin’ and rollin’!

We went to my third prenatal appointment today, and it was for the NT test, which looked good, thank god! But the most amazing, amazing, amazing thing was the tremendous amount of moving our little tater tot was doing! We finally got to see him/her reach his/her hands out and arms up, do what I swear was a wave or a push of some kind, and turn completely around. It was surreal!!!!! While the doc was trying to measure the neck fold, the baby kept on moving, causing the doctor to say, “This one is being a pain in the ass!” Now, before you jump to negative conclusions, that’s just the doctor’s humor and he was laughing about it, as were we. Our little one, already stubborn. Definitely gets it from me.
Of COURSE the one time we forgot to bring our Flip video camera with us, but at least it’s ingrained in our heads forever, this active little baby bean. He/she was SO active that I think he/she was the cause of me finally getting my first official morning sickness, last night. Worshipping the porcelain god and the whole nine yards. It MUST be the activity going on in that amniotic sac!
We’re headed on up to the hills again this weekend, through Monday evening, and we’re taking the dogs, Chin Chin and Dally, too. They’re my older dogs (around 13 years old), and I haven’t given them the chance to go romp in the woods in years, and I hate to see them getting older, sitting in my dad’s back yard, with no view, no walks and no animals to chase. So this weekend’s for THEM.
I’ll check in Saturday from Cloudcroft, (if not before, to show you Christian’s amazing salad he’s making for dinner tonight. We’re trying to be a bit more moderate, lol) and with that, wishing you a happy, crazy, restful, memorable and safe Fourth of July weekend.


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