It’s getting real

Today was the first day it was pretty obvious I am pregnant. I swear it just happened overnight! Anyone who looks at me now will know. I’m a very small, petite girl with a girth that doesn’t match any other part of her body. Still-skinny arms and legs and bony clavicle and shoulders. But what a bump!
I walk every morning. That is my thing. That is my obsession of sorts. If I don’t walk, I feel discombobulated and frantic all day. But this morning, I woke up, saw the alarm clock said 4:45 a.m., and said, “screw it.” I just had no interest or energy to get out of bed and get out the door. I also had the best night’s sleep in a LONG time last night. But early this morning I felt weak and dizzy and a bit nauseated, and had a hankering for milktoast. Yep, that’s right. Two pieces of toast soaked in milk. Just had to have that bland, warm/cold/sweet/soft carbo fix.
I went my first two and a half months craving spicy, spicy, spicy, and it seems now I’m rapidly heading towards doing a 180 on that. Now I’m just wanting bland bread, plain yogurt and bananas. The white stuff. But still lots of it. My next appointment with my perinatologist is Thursday, and that’s when I will know how much damage I can do to the scale. I’ve avoided it for a while.
We had lentil soup and panini sandwiches for dinner last night. It sounds like the most disgusting thing in the world now. Funny how so much can change in 24 hours!


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