Fridge finds

I always get a kick out of seeing celebrity chefs or even just film/tv celebrities “reveal” the contents of their refrigerators in a magazine article or tv show, to see if they use any of the products I use often, or if they have any quirks like I do, or if they have any food at all. Most of the time I really don’t believe it … come on, they’ve got food stylists come in and rearrange the items, add items, get rid of items, endorse items, etc., and just show us what they want us to see or what matches their image.
I’ve done this before and I’m doing it again…a no-holds-barred look inside my fridge and pantry, without any editing, PhotoShopping or purchasing of any special ingredients to make me look cool, lol. Granted it was shopping day yesterday, but these foods are what me and my husband eat regularly. Lots of unidentifiable (to you) ingredients in the freezer, but suffice it to say I hope liver and onions freeze well, and I wonder if I’ll ever do anything with that frozen watermelon (granita?) and 1/2 banana (smoothie?), as well as that LAST frozen lemon poppyseed muffin I bought at Sun Harvest two months ago (freezer burnt?)
The strawberries are not a usual purchase, but they were on sale for $2.99 a pound, and I’m dying to make Strawberries Romanoff or my version of it: mix brown sugar with equal parts very soft cream cheese and sour cream, and dip the strawberries in that (a recipe I got from my alma mater high school, The Hockaday School in Dallas). Jalapenos are a must-have staple, but the pico de gallo isn’t. I usually make my own, but this store-bought one is awesome, local, and I can put it on everything (and I almost do, except cereal). Two kinds of mustard right now: regular old yellow mustard and hot horseradish mustard. We’re really missing Händelmaier’s mustard from Germany to use with our wursts, but was out of stock at the moment, and none of the sweet mustards on the shelves at the local grocery store pass, well, muster 😉
My freezer has dinners past, some good, some not so good, but I hate to throw lots of leftovers away. None of it is inedible, but I do find I’ll pass one thing further back into the freezer in favor of something better. I guess it’s time to say goodbye to two-week old pasta now that I have last night’s awesome penne puttanesca in the freezer now.

If you were to have someone come over and just open your fridge to take inventory, what would you be extremely embarrassed about? Proud of? For me? Embarrassed at the obscene amounts of things I freeze that I will never eat, the impulse purchases I made and never even have eaten yet, and the total lack of organization! But I am proud that we do eat well, healthily and we don’t have any Spam, Velveeta, Lucky Charms, Rice a Roni, beer, pizza boxes or curdled milk in the fridge!


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