Don’t bash trailer trash…

Today was surely one of the most, er, creative days in my culinary repertoire. Trying to make use of what was left of our weekly groceries, we did just that. Using scraps of this and slices of that to make what I must say was a pretty darn good Sunday for eating.
For lunch, I debated whether or not to make stuffed baked potatoes, but then decided I’d at least try to make something that looked like a Sunday supper meal, with a little artistic flair. So, I sliced up the last three potatoes we had, very thinly, as well as two onions, and layered them in a Pyrex baking dish, with mozzarella cheese, ketchup and some schweinebraten seasoning, believe it or not. Call it a poor man’s potatoes anna, if you will. But it turned out amazingly well, and had the taste of the unlikely combination of French fries and raclette. Just great for such cheap ingredients.
This afternoon, we treated ourselves to Barnes and Noble, which has an in-store Starbucks. We go about once a week to have a Chai or an Americano and to flip through as many magazines as possible without looking like the freeloaders that we are (just kidding!) I usually fall prey to one of the bakery items, and that’s usually the Starbucks Blondie Blast “brownie.” But today I noticed a new one. A lemon berry parfait for about $3. I had to. Just had to. It came in a small square-shaped takeaway bowl, and had shaved white chocolate on top. God, just incredible. But it lasted about 5 bites, and for $3, I felt like I had to justify that. When we got home, I looked around at what I could make to remotely replicate that delectable parfait. Well, we had one last banana left, in its soon-to-be-sorry state, and a few Little Debby strawberry-creme rolls left. I mashed half of the banana into the container, then mashed half of the Little Debby on top, and again, creating layers that really mimicked the one I had at Starbucks. How’s that for a trailer trash dessert? Lol. Little Debbys says it all. Well, I froze it and will take it to work tomorrow to see if it passes muster.
For dinner, Christian brought us back into the higher rankings by making cheddarwurst, sauerkraut, green salad and baguette. We toasted the baguettes, pan fried the wurst, and stuffed the baguettes with sauerkraut before adding mustard and the wursts. Those wurst are the best, at least the best one can get in the highly ethnocentric El Paso, at least gastronomically. Does anyone know where one can get some really great Lyoner wurst here in El Paso, or at least in Texas?
Now I’m stuffed, as I always seem to feel these days, lol. My “little Wally” will start his or her solids with milchreis, but I’m sure he/she will progress to wurst and sauerkraut in the blink of an eye.


One response to “Don’t bash trailer trash…

  1. monika Whitlow

    Deine Blog-Seiten…….in english…….

    you write such pretty stories about food……. and
    you remind me of a new movie: Jululie and Julia,
    only live in TX. Julia child’s kitchen is in the museum in Wshington DC, I live outside in MD>

    Keep cooking
    in Maryland

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