Constant craving…

Wow. I read that morning sickness is supposed to SUBSIDE by 9-10 weeks. Not START!! Well, forget that! My cravings and my morning sickness are coming on their own sweet time, just as this pregnancy did. I’ve always been a late bloomer, lol.
Last night, we ordered Domino’s because we were running late and couldn’t get to the grocery store (well, also we were a bit lazy). Ordered the Hawaiian with ham and pineapple, of course. I also sauteed some spinach and caramelized some jalapenos and onions to serve with the pizza and ramp up the nutritional value. On the side, Christian used up the leftover green cabbage we had to make a cold, raw slaw with just oil/vinegar/salt and pepper. And folks, THAT to me was the best part of the meal! Digging cold cabbage over cheesy, hot, decadent pizza???? SOOOOOO not me!!! I find I’m really just craving sour, sour, sour. And yes, that includes pickles. Unfortunately the brand I bought isn’t really the best (limp pickles…and please, don’t go there), but it’s satisfying the sour cravings. But I really could just eat cole slaw all day long, and drink sauerkraut juice 24/7.
Normally, I’m definitely a carb addict. Give me a loaf of bread (preferably baguette with a hard crust and soft interior) and I’m as happy as a clam. And I am digging the honey wheat bread we got in Cloudcroft, as you can see. One day and only half a loaf left. But I’m wanting to top the bread with cole slaw or sliced pickles, or pickled onions!
Why, oh why can’t I have civilized cravings that I can indulge in in public???? Whahhhhhh!

Pregnant ladies, once-pregnant ladies, or concerned significant others … what cravings did/do you have, and how long did it last?


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