Back to the badlands

Well, it’s back to El Paso, the “Sun City,” which broke an almost three-decade record of hitting 110 degrees fahrenheit yesterday, luckily before we arrived back from Cloudcroft. We WERE able to enjoy an afternoon up on the mountains with a bit of rain, some great thunder and a lightning show to top all lightning shows.
I woke up at 6 yesterday morning and took a leisurely walk around Cloudcroft before heading to the local Allsup’s convenience store to pick up some bake-your-own biscuits, fruit and instant coffee (the biscuits and the instant coffee being the things I’ll ONLY consume in Cloudcroft, because they seem to ONLY taste good in Cloudcroft, lol. Oh, that and Pop-Tarts). Made scrambled eggs with diced jalapeno and tomato to serve along with the biscuits and Christian and I had breakfast in the cabin.
Afterward we went back to our little Jamocha Bean coffeehouse for REAL coffee before heading on out for a hike on the Osha Trail.
The afternoon was spent napping, bathing, and sitting on the porch, watching the clouds darken and hearing the thunder as we read and watched the sky.
Then reality. We had to leave, and neither of us could gather the courage to be the one to say so. Finally I faced the fact that Monday was a working day, we needed to get home before dark, and I needed some good rest. I drove, just because I didn’t want to fall asleep in the car and ruin my chances for a good sleep later in the evening. It was a gorgeous drive, full of a sky pierced by lightning, the sun setting and making the sky look like it had exploded, and casting an eerie bright light on the cacti of the desert.
When we arrived in El Paso (we would have known blindfolded, had we only stuck our hands out the windows, it was so hot), we remembered we had no groceries at home, so we stopped by Village Inn for dinner. My call. My bad. Really bad mistake.
Now, Village Inn is known for its great breakfasts, and that is true. It’s got some great, great breakfasts. But folks, it doesn’t do dinner well at all, and the staff seems to agree, judging by the service we got last night! I was trying sooooo hard to stay in my Cloudcroft Zen Moment, but when the monosyllabic waiter forgot about us, then didn’t serve my dinner salad that came with my meal, then served both of us literally still-frozen meals (and didn’t come back to check, forcing us to find another waiter to help), and then forgot my ketchup, and then brought me an empty ketchup bottle, and then brought us our check before asking if we wanted dessert, and then picking his nose…. you get the picture. It wasn’t a very zen moment. And if you’re fortunate to get a decent waiter, just don’t order the cod or the mashed potatoes. Trust me.
Welllllllll, other than that, we managed to get home to a relatively unscathed apartment, other than it being boiling inside, unpacked, did our nightly ritual of surfing, tooth brushing, reading and me crashing while Christian read some more…. and here we are, another day, and another day closer to getting back up to 9,000 feet above stress level!
It’s supposed to not dip below 103 degrees all week long, and I just returned from my 4 a.m. walk. Even that was too hot. And we have swamp cooling. Enough said! I think I’m skipping my morning coffee and just sitting on a tub of ice cubes this morning to get myself going! This is the only time I’ve actually considered those Polar Bear Clubs a GOOD IDEA! Frigid water able to stop one’s heart? Bring it on!


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