Well, the baguette was good…

Tonight was the night all inspiration was lost. After a hellish day at the office, a hellish day inside my tummy, and feeling like we were in the middle of hell in the high-90-degree weather here in El Paso, I just for the life of me couldn’t think of anything good to eat, nor did I have the inclination to think outside the box. How awful!
So I turned to the box…a box of organic whole wheat penne and generic four cheese pasta sauce, a salad, and a frozen baguette for dinner. The pasta tasted as it should. Truly organic. As organic as the recycled paper box it came in, as a matter of fact. Only the sauce (highly customized with lots of pepper flakes, thyme and salt) made the pasta edible, and I mean JUST edible. Thank god the frozen baguette, popped into the oven for 10 minutes, was nice and crispy with a very soft, doughy center.
Ohhhh I hate it when I have those nights of no inspiration! It reverberates into everything, making dinner a not so pleasant environment and making both of us cranky (although poor Christian insisted my pasta was “okay.”)
Tomorrow, at least, we head on up to the mountains, where we can cook outside on the grill and nothing we cook involves boxes. Thinking more like fresh rainbow trout en papillote (well, tin foil), grilled veggies and maybe some ‘smores. And maybe I’ll get my culinary mojo back! One can’t live on baguettes and Belly Bars forever!
We’ll be roughing it at a cabin this weekend, one that has no wireless connectivity (EEEK!!!), but there is a little coffee house in the small village that offers wireless access. So it’s iffy I’ll be checking in, but then again, I do have to have my blog like I have to have my coffee. Straight up, first thing in the morning…


One response to “Well, the baguette was good…

  1. I’ll think of you in the cool pines! We love that coffee house. They let us use their chess set! : ) Have you ever been through their museum? I like it and the library too! Newspaper says it will be 105 here tomorrow!!

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