Brown-bagging it

First of all: I got this “überrübe” beet syrup, which came with this darling complimentary syrup jar, at a Netto supermarkt in Rohr, Germany, last year. I mainly got it because I liked the jar so much, but I really, really, really want to try the beet syrup properly. Does anyone from Germany or familiar with beet syrup have any tips or ideas for it? The closest taste to me is molasses, but perhaps there’s a specific use for it? Any feedback would be very much appreciated!
I don’t go out to lunch on work days anymore, saving my money for the really important things, using up leftovers (and with my husband’s cooking, leftovers are not something to cringe at), and avoiding those horrible lines that make you have to rush, rush, rush through your meal. I prefer to sit at my desk, surfing the ‘net, eating at my own pace, and then using my lunch hour to go for a walk, grab a coffee, or even nap (which is much more common now that I’m expecting).
Today’s lunch appeared pretty revolting, lol. Well, I’m pregnant so I get to do whatever food combinations I want, right? Today’s magical food combination (it’s like playing the slot machine) is salad, potato salad, and the leftover carrots and onions that were used when Christian roasted his pork shoulder. He was going to throw away the “aromatics,” but hey, they’re great! Okay, maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m entitled.
On the side, a Belly Bar and for a snack later, a peanut/chocolate chip SoyJoy bar.

Tonight we made German pancakes (like French crepes), slathered with forest berry jam and überrübe and rolled up like burritos. Light, fairly bland and much less caloric than last night’s meatball feast. I’m still aching from that!
This weekend we’re going up to our cabin in Cloudcroft, N.M., to get some much needed R and R, hiking, RAIN (PLEASEEEEEE!!!), outdoor cooking, reading and bread baking. It’s only Wednesday but I’m already counting the hours until I get to sit in our (very) little cabin and listen to the rain on the tin roof. THAT is summer to me!

So, what are you brown-bagging to lunch?


One response to “Brown-bagging it

  1. I was born and raised in East Germany and from there I know Ruebensirup that comes close to your ueberruebe I guess. Didn’t even know they still sell it. Zoerbiger is a former East German Company. They make all kinds of marmelade, syrup etc.
    You can use your ueberruebe for baking or with a lot of butter (lol) on a Broetchen. Or on pancakes. It is very very sweet and like liquid caramel. I don’t know any specific use for it. But I know them beets have a lot of iron !!

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